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"Liz has been a colleague and friend for 7 years.    She is gifted in many areas:  sensitivity to others; compassionate; wise; and talented in the area of finances.    I would highly recommend her as a financial coach.   Her skills and abilities are so needed.    She is personally a woman of great integrity and humility.    I am pleased to be able to refer clients and friends to her for financial coaching."


Carol D. Lee, LMFT Career and Life Coach

"I have known Liz for about five years.  I have always found her to be a person of integrity who cares for others.  She is an attentive listener and is skillful at discerning what the client needs. Her training, experience and personal journey inform her work and she will be of significant benefit to her clients. I am very pleased to be able to refer clients to her for financial coaching."


Mary Anne Fifield, DMFT, CAS-R, CSAT, LMFT, Founder of the Addiction Recovery Center